• Dream, Girl: The documentary telling the stories of inspiring female entrepreneurs

    Dream, Girl is a documentary showcasing the stories of inspiring and ambitious female entrepreneurs. Let’s stop telling girls they can be anything they want to be and show them what it means to be a leader.

    Source: Dream, Girl

    Featuring the stories of:
    Erin Bagwell- founder of Feminist Wednesday, director of Dream, Girl
    Komal Minhas- founder of KoMeida, producer of Dream, Girl
    Annie Wang- co-founder and co-president of Senvol
    Mariama Camara- founder of Mariama Fashion Production, There is No Limit Foundation
    Clara Villarosa- co-founder of VillaRosa Media
    Joanne Wilson- founder of Gotham Gal Ventures
    Suzanne West- founder of Imaginea
    Alicia & Linda Villarosa- co-founders of Villarosa Media
    Marie Forleo- founder of MarieTV & B-School
    Crista Feeman & Jess Eddy- co-founders of Phin & Phebes Ice Cream
    Amanda Goetz- CEO and co-founder of Availendar

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